Malted Forever Brownies


Malted Forever Brownies Watching cooking videos is one of my favourite past times (I spend way more time watching people cook and bake than actually cooking or baking myself). After seeing this video by Claire Saffitz, I was inspired to both draw and make these brownies for Valentine's day. Recipe by: Claire Saffitz [...]

Lily of the Valley


Lily of the Valley Lily of the Valley is May’s birth flower. These sweet-scented, innocent-looking little bells start to bloom this time of year but don’t be fooled - they’re highly poisonous!

Morning Glory Seed Packet


Morning Glory Seed Packet Morning Glories are one of September’s birth flowers. This illustration was inspired by the "Grandpa Ott's" Morning Glories that I grow in my yard, but also some of my close friends who are born in September.

Pansy Bouquet


Pansy Bouquet Along with terracotta pots filled with happy blooming succulents, pansies and violas were the first flowers my mom encouraged me to grow when I was little. Did you know that pansy flowers are edible and can be used to decorated baked goods?

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