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Risograph Printing | Kew Gardens Print Breakdown

While taking a screen printing class in the summer of 2012, I began to explore ways of simplifying my creative process by drawing in layers and using a limited colour palette. Even though I still feel more comfortable working in greyscale, screen printing forced me to give my colour choices more thought. It was a summer of over-air conditioned […]

Hello, December!

Oh hello December, you sure know how to keep me busy! Here are some photos from Booklents’ (books + succulents!) second year at the OCADU Book Arts Fair that took place yesterday. Although the event was a long day during busiest season of the year, Theresa and I are already considering participating in more shows […]

Canzine 2015 Recap

Canzine is one of my favourite events to be a part of because I get to see so many familiar faces from around the art community in Toronto. This year was probably the biggest turnout ever, thanks to the prime location: the Art Gallery of Ontario. Pictured above is not even half the size of […]

Montreal Day Trip 2015

Sometimes you just need to leave home. Early in July, I hopped in a car with my brothers and a friend. We made our way to Montreal, just for a day. It was the perfect time to make our rounds to the Montreal staples: poutine, cat cafes, little boutique window shopping, and of course, Montreal […]

Thank you, Cate & Levi!

Today was my last day working at Cate & Levi. As of next week, I will be starting a new adventure pursuing full-time studies at Humber. I am immensely grateful to have met some of the most talented, hardworking people over the past two years and I am thankful to call them my friends. Pictured […]

This Time, Last Year

  It’s the longest day of the year (15 hours, 26 minutes, and 35 seconds here in Toronto, Canada), and I can’t help thinking about where I was almost a year ago. These are few sketches of the places I visited last year on my trip to England. I would have loved to do some […]

Scrappy Dog Sewing Kit for Cate & Levi

    Scrappy Dog Sewing Kit for Cate & Levi Collection Package design for Cate & Levi’s “be the maker” stuffed animal dog kit. Stickers were designed so that children can customize the packaging as a house for their completed stuffed animal. Photography by Ali Short.

Mini Bunny

  Wishing one of my dearest friends the happiest of birthdays. Here’s a work in progress of a card I’ve been working on featuring “MiniBunny”. More to come later!

Canzine 2014: Booklents

This summer, Theresa Duong (jewellery aficionado, my partner in crime, succulent sister, fellow self-proclaimed “Grandma”) and I decided to turn our shared obsession with succulents and books into something creative and productive. Our collection of plants lining our bedroom window sills, and in my case overflowing on the coffee table, needed an outlet other than the obsessive drawings inside […]