Montreal Day Trip 2015

Sometimes you just need to leave home.

Early in July, I hopped in a car with my brothers and a friend. We made our way to Montreal, just for a day. It was the perfect time to make our rounds to the Montreal staples: poutine, cat cafes, little boutique window shopping, and of course, Montreal smoked meat sandwiches. We ended the day wandering Old Montreal, watching the sun setting the horizon on fire before dimming into a dark blue gradient that was the night’s sky.

Thank you, Cate & Levi!

Today was my last day working at Cate & Levi. As of next week, I will be starting a new adventure pursuing full-time studies at Humber. I am immensely grateful to have met some of the most talented, hardworking people over the past two years and I am thankful to call them my friends. Pictured above is a very Cate & Levi specific thank you card, and if you are curious to know what each letter represents, here is a summary:

T – dies we use for cutting sweaters into shapes.
H – bands we cut off sweaters to make into puppet bands.
A – buttons we cut off sweaters.
N – Joey finger puppets that belong in the pocket of the Kangaroo puppet.
K – thread, and bandaids – basically a staple in the studio.

Y – a small zipper for the change purses.
O – the infamous Dust Donut – what collects in our industrial cutting machine’s fan, and also in our lungs.
U – embroidery floss to sew smiles on stuffed animals.

Goodbye, Cate & Levi!